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Portable providers are merging in a duopolyThe 2nd changes is that opposition in Latin America.

Portable providers are merging in a duopolyThe 2nd changes is that opposition in Latin America.

I seen Brazil August 13th-17th to analyze 3G multimedia service development. I spotted big variations from my personal previous visits. In 2002, the major thing was 2G prepaid launches – my job added to a large deployment (at TeleSP, today part of Vivo) and Portugal telecommunications Inovacao. Subsequently in 2004 this issue is NGN and VoIP, we contributed all of our experience with operators such as for instance Brasil Telecom, as well as their CEO, race runner Carla Cico. I became actually pleased together but stayed a modest ? marathon runner. Between 2004 and 2007 we spotted the subsequent changes : 2G mobile entrance hits 60percent, and 3G is originating fastGrowth surpassed 20percent in recent times, Brazil has now 115 million cellular readers, a 58per cent penetration, 80% on pre-paid strategies per Anatel . You will find believed the monthly ARPU at 13$. All this helps make Brazil the 5th biggest cellular markets (after Asia, people, Japan, Russia).On the mobile advancement part, 3G is eventually being rolled-out with deals by Anatel of 1900MHz and 2100MHz bands (revealed in 2000 but delayed to 2008). The master plan anticipates 80% urban insurance coverage by 2010 at a high price determined at 3B R$.

Smartphone providers tend to be consolidating in a duopolyThe second modification usually competitors in Latin America with Mexico are causing a duopoly of mobile operators in Brazil. Telefonica’s try taking control over telecommunications Italia and resulting an equity in 53percent of Brazil’s cell. This bills America Movil’s control over Claro led by Mexican billionaire Carlos Trim, whom in addition manages Telmex and is also increasing in other Latin American industries. A great way of measuring markets concentration may be the HHI list which took place from 3213 to 2257 in five years (Herfindahl-Hirschman Index) and really should decrease furthermore after current M&A.

Like for my personal previous visits, I was organized by exceptional peers : Jefferson Kishida who has got countless insight on the system structure in the nation and Fausto Dedeschi that has been working together with the Latin The usa telecom business for decades. (for the photo Jefferson Kishida with me at Brazil telecommunications in 2004 plus in 2007 at Vivo with Fausto) Dedeschi and Carlos Alberto Pinto “Cap”) During this go to, I experienced the ability to have feedbacks from big workers regarding 3G plans : Vivo and TIM (Telefonica–controlled) and Claro (America Movil’) just who control additionally Oi who’s getting share of the market (controlled by Brasilian operator Telemar).

Brazil’s social networking grows into cellular 2.0The third changes may be the carried on expansion of the Brazilian net occurrence . On the infrastructure part there have been obvious progress : internet surfers doubled to 41 million since 2004 [ITU 2007] connected using 51 million fixed lines (26% entrance) and 6 million set broadband (3.1per cent penetration, 11th globally). Some new cable tv firms were complicated the 5 incumbents Telesp, Telemar, Brasil telecommunications, Sercomtel, and CTBC Telecom : we observed the cable operator Net Servicios promoting a 8Mbps solution. Broadband pricing is nonetheless a big inhibitor, the price ratio with the typical earnings becoming 10 X that of american European countries. PC penetration are 11percent and HP is amongst the manufacturers adding to initiatives to reduce pricing so there were provides inside the range of 500$ with 24 month costs.Brazil prospects is actually social media usage. The nation requires the number 2 position around the world in Ipsos’ Face with the internet survey. They determined energetic (a month) SNS practices in Southern Korea 55percent, Brazil 41%, Asia 27%, Mexico 26percent, additionally the United States 24percent.

In Second Life, Brazilians would be the sixth prominent team with almost 5% of global people. I’ve come across Paulisto SNS users in fashionable net taverns similar to this one :

The all-natural evolution of social networking on cellphone has already created some notices. Dada Brazil founded a mobile SNS that enables cellular blog sites with photos and movie. Dada Cellular phone have 7 million members globally, 3.2 million in the US. Vivo and StreamVerse went a proof of principle for mojo, which enables cellular websites, RSS nourishes, vote/picture-vote, cam, show artwork, and reputation. And .but will not reveal amounts in Brazil. Focus Films / Conquest, a Brazilian media business as well as Korean IntroMobile founded an individual web log answer NetMirror. IntroMobile have earlier deployed their mExtendMedia MMS answer at VIVO.

Cellular phone immediate texting can are promoted nicely. This put for MSN portable had been published on You tubing : Cellphone 2.0 must fit with social and financial variations Brazil would be that try a country with sections. Sao Paulo condition and area take into account 3 million in the 5.3 million Brazilian companies. Most website subscribers are part of poor people society but a little part are educated and wealthy . To deliver the chance of 3G social media providers it’s important to remember solutions that would bring both a high-end western-style (like mobile television material and video blogging) and a less expensive 2G type (like and group SMS, ringtones, cards, notifications). Brazil’s economic place was in the most known level within BRIC countries (GDP per capita at purchasing energy parity, provider: Economist)Brazil 8,997Russia 11,059India 3,508China 7,498Mexico 10,817

Drive cellular video desires

This HP-sponsored webinar got organized by Light studying who archived it. We have uploaded an extract the following. Dreaming of concept carsWondering about personal videos and 3G service advancement, I in comparison this to thought cars Henry Ford have dreamed of as he going: there seemed to be no customer markets and bad highway no fuel-efficient engines – however it all arrived with each other. Im now believing that individual video will gradually but steadily build as one of the media commonly used. Individual acceptance wouldn’t occur at instantly, because an important mass of providers and consumers had not been readily available – additionally because some innovation issues were mennation Review un resolved, such as H.324M very long phone call set up (fixed with Annex K) and/or latency from the very early 3G facts hyperlinks (will be resolved with HSDPA and HSUPA with regards to becomes available). Encouraging the test of the latest servicesOne strategy I advocate would be to test-drive a crucial range early solutions with soft-launches, being fulfill the a lot of different of social behaviour. And more importantly to open up generally the mobile movie system to material producers, web developers for them to just be sure to develop latest ideas and enterprises. It should be as easy as uploading on a blog or building a mash-up from ingredients. It will draw in the innovative media men, not just the designers. Throughout the last year, cooperating with HP OpenCall software, We have learned plenty out of every unmarried videos phoning project we established in Asia and European countries. It really is obvious that the character of large enterprises will be assist young groups incubate brand-new tough information, and it’s really possible should you decide bring in passion and fascination. Initially, as much people, I was upset by this type of a slow service adoption but I have seen a lot of designs that i will anticipate a gradual take-up of contributed user generated content material within on a daily basis’s communications.